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Hot newcomer! ‘Bamford’ strikes victory against Palais, slaughter Sheffield Head 2 games in a row

The youngster, Leeds United, also showed great results, defeating Sheffield United 1-0 from the winning striker Patrick Bamford, the talented striker, allowing the “Yungthong” team to win two straight wins, holding sixth. Of the table, the team “Double Swords” coma lost 3 times in a row, still shooting who did not drop to hold the plum of the table. In the Premier League on 27 Sep ago.

    The first English Premier League match on Sunday, September 27, 2020 at Bramall Lane between Sheffield United and Leeds United. 

    The opening of the first half came just 4 minutes, Leeds had the opportunity to greet immediately from the moment Luke Eyling dodged the Sheffield defense one stroke before and then hit the right in front of the penalty area, Aaron Ramsdale pounced off. 

    Then, in the sixth minute, Sheffield had a chance to retaliate. John Lundstrum returned to the left in the penalty area and the ball fell off the post. 

    The team “Yungthong” almost scored a goal in the 25th minute from the free-kick, then Patrick Bamford, who had a header, the ball flew over the bar a little.

Open face game, fun exchange, Sheffield’s best goalscorer, David McGoldrick touches the ball for John Lundstrum, who goes up in the penalty area before being hit with a clear right. But went to the save of Ilang Meslier, a Super Save, flying narrowly rounded off the back in 30 minutes. 

    The next 38 minutes was Leeds’ opportunity when Stewart, Dallas filled it up and pressed the right hand in front of the penalty area, Aaron Ramsdale to save the back again. 

    The rest of the period has no additional doors. At the end of the first half, both teams were tied 0-0. 

    The second half played for 2 minutes, Leeds almost immediately led. From a corner kick before Elder Costa gleaned at the far post, hit with the left, Aaron Ramsdale showed save again. 

    Most of the game still belonged to Leeds, who attacked for 56 consecutive minutes. Patrick Bamford used his unique ability to slash with the right to save Ramsdale.

   78 minutes from the back-up stroke of Povea, the reserve drag, cut in and spin with the left to the far post, still stuck in the safe of Ramsdale to brush again. 

    Then in the 81st minute, the “double sword” team, where the game was clearly behind, almost got a goal, leading from the corner kicking the ball came to Oliver McGoldrick, hitting the penalty area but was not full of the ball. 

    However, at the end of the game 88 minutes, Leeds got a 1-0 lead goal until Jack Harrison opened from the left side of the line for Patrick Bamford to strike, focusing the ball on the net.

    The rest of the time, no additional goals, finished the game, Leeds United defeated Sheffield United 1-0, won two games in a row, held at the 6th of the table, as for the “double sword” coma, lost 3 games in a row, still shooting who did not drop. Go brace the plum of the table