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It turned into another dramatic late game when Newcastle United scored a penalty in 90 + 7 stoppage time from the referee’s VAR retrospective before Callum Vi. Wilson will kill the attacking team to divide Spurs with the score 1-1 in the Premier League on 27 Sep ago.

English Premier League football on Sunday, September 27, 2020 at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium during Tottenham Hotspur open home to deal with Newcastle United.

Jose Mourinho’s Spurs have no problems in this game, putting the best players on the offensive line, with Lucas Moura, Jovani Lo Celso and his formidable duo Son Heungmi. Harry Kane and hunt down the nets while Sergio Torres, Alonso Baggins Guitar new left is named as a reserve.

On the Newcastle side of manager Steve Bruce this game does not have Allan Saint-Maximang. Who were hurt by Jo Ellin when playing instead with Callum Wilson as a hope in the front line

The first half started just three minutes, Sprus was almost in the lead, with Jovanny Lo Celso’s free-kick shot on the left to save Carl Darlow in the first stroke before the ball bounced in. the gun’s Harry Kane repeatedly leveled by Darwin, but also makes it incredibly low.

Then the 9th minute is still a chance to win “Spurs” nearly took the lead again Matt Doherty cross into the penalty area to head butted up on Harry Kane also safe Karl Lowe Derby.

Until 26 minutes, Spurs have a 1-0 lead on goals from Harry Kane beat off up the left side, then pay to skim the far post to beat Lucas Moura put the ball Neng net.

The home team went on a one-way attack, almost getting a second ball in 30 minutes, Son Heungmin made a gentle spin with the left in front of the penalty area, the ball was curved to hit the post, after 42 minutes, Son Heungmin almost put the score. Again, hit outside the area with the left, but this time the ball hit the crossbar and missed two unfortunately.

Newcastle came to have a chance to finish the first half, Jonjo Shelvey got Half Wolves in the penalty area, the ball went off in a 45 + 2 minute injury before the end of the first half. Lead Newcastle 1-0

Starting the second half, Spurs arranged to rest Son Hung Min and sent Stephen Bergwine to play instead.

The game lasted 60 minutes as Harry Caine twist volley in the penalty area but was not filled, Karl Lowe Derby also received a package.

A minute later, New Casey had a chance to rival Jo Ellin when he came off the left side and slapped him in the center for Jeff Hendrick to run with the right ball, not straight on the frame.

Spurs also opened an 83-minute attack, Eric Lamera hitting a free kick from the front of the penalty area. Carl Darlow also showed a Super Save to knock it out again.

However, the 90 + 5 stoppage, a dramatic drama ensued when Andy Carroll tackled the arm of the referee Erik Dyer, looking back on VAR himself before blowing a penalty on Newcastle. Seel then was Callum Wilson taking the task of killing, leaving the team to follow a 1-1 draw in a 90 + 7 injury, finishing the Spurs 1-1 draw, Newcastle.

After the referee blows the whistle, there is a melee incident. Hit the referee gave a red card to the bank before Harry Kane will be confirmed later that the red card was Nuno Santos goalkeeper coach.