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General rules

  1. The website reserves the right for persons who are under the age of majority and we can cancel your bets.
  2. This website may change the rules and regulations. And promotions without prior notice
  3. We will not be responsible for printing wrong odds.
  4. We are able to make the decision void and suspend the member’s account. If caught to be corrupt, believe that corruption Or cause damage to the website And have the right to claim damages
  5. We can suspend the account. Or cutting benefits In the event that the players intend to benefit From loopholes from gambling games in any case And considered the decision of the website is final

Deposit and withdrawal rules

Deposit and withdrawal rules

  1. Able to make deposit transactions 24 hours a day via the call center.
  2. In the transfer, a minimum of 100 baht / 1 user
  3. Interfere with members Keep the money transfer document (slip) as evidence. In order to confirm if the balance is not found Or if there is a problem
  4. Members must transfer from the bank that has applied with us only. To prevent criminals
    (Do not transfer from Boonterm kiosk , Do not transfer from another person’s account. , Do not transfer through True Money. And the other way)


  1. Withdrawal can be made 24 hours a day via the call center.
  2. Withdraw no minimum limit. And will receive money within 5 minutes
  3. We will transfer to the bank account. Who have applied with us only