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Shocking the fans of Tiger Brother!

Hoffenheim tough collapsed Bayern the end of the old championship pattern 4-1

        Hoffenheim, who has a Europa League quota, has been changed, the trainer appointed Sebastian Hernes, 38, to take over the team in perfect condition due to injury like Harvard Nordweight ( Foot bone) normally just a whole reserve

        Adjusted the army of Kevin Vogt to control the game in front, back panel, offensive line, organized Christopher Baumgarth, stand low, the strikers use Munas Dubburg, netting with Andre Kramaris.  

    The Army’s “Tiger of the South” of Hansy Flick adjust the center-back to send Jerome Boateng to stand with David Alaba, the three coordinated offensive line, full of Leroy Sane, who just got from Manchester City. Molded a game with Thomas Muller and Sergei Nabi 

    Started the game for 16 minutes, the former champion was shocked first When being taken first by the local From a corner kick, Dennis Geiger opened the door for Ermin Bicakcic to jump alone. Tung ball net Ready to move the score for Hoffenheim to lead 1-0

    Then in the 24th minute, the hosts had to head together again when Munas Dubbur used the speed to pull the ball into the penalty area. Before lifting the ball past Nuel Neuer into the door beautifully. Ready to move the score to shock the world With the lead up to Bayern Munich to 2-0, despite the
Czech poet AR for sure. But there was no abnormal rhythm The referee blows for the same goal.

   However, in the 36th minute, the South Tigers came to the goal when Thomas Muller passed the ball to Joshua Kimmich, who ran into the penalty area and shot through Oliver Baumann as a goal. Causing Bayern Munich to sack the host 1-2 before the end of the first half with this score

    The second half started in the 51st minute, the home team almost managed to shoot more when Munas Dubbourg fell to shoot again, but this time the shot twisted a little bit away from Manuel Neuer, so it fell off the post. Unfortunately

    Six minutes later, Joshua Sergsee had a chance to shoot in the penalty area, but the 19-year-old spearhead was still not motionless enough to fly over the crossbar.

    In the 77th minute, the local fans screamed to the field again, and Ihlas Babu opened the ball beautifully for Andrei Kramaric to get his first shot in this game and didn’t miss a single chance. Own a score for Hoffenheim to lead
    minutes away from Bayern Munich at 90 + 1 like lightning on the old championship team, when Manuel Neuer went. Fouls Ihlas Bebou fell in the penalty area, the referee immediately pointed to a penalty for the home team without having to rely on VAR before Andrei Kramarij took the task of killing. Fenheim
leads 4-1 away.

    For the remainder of the time, the two teams could not do anything further.Vladhofenheim shocked the world by overthrowing former champion Bayern Munich 4-1, collecting three points and setting a record for winning two. The match has 6 points as the leader of the Augburg crowd, the Tiger team Initially lost the first game in the league
Since the second game is complete